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Probability General DOC DOC SCL SCL BBC BBC MQZ
Relative frequency DOC
Tree diagrams DOC SCL BBC
Tallys and charts DOC SCL BBC MQZ MQZ
Pictograms DOC
Mean, median, mode DOC DOC SCL BBC MQZ
Quartiles and the interquartile range BBC
Frequency tables and grouped frequencies DOC SCL SCL BBC MQZ
Cumulative frequency and box plots DOC DOC RVW SCL BBC BBC
Histograms and frequency density DOC RVW GCS BBC
Scatter graphs DOC RVW SCL BBC
Bar charts and stem and leaf DOC DOC RVW RVW RVW
Two way tables BBC RVW
Frequency polygons SCL BBC
Pie charts DOC SCL BBC MQZ
Time series and moving averages DOC BBC
Data Quantitive, qualitative, discrete, continuous SCL
Sampling DOC RVW BBC
Questionnaires DOC DOC BBC
Standard index form DOC RVW SCL BBC MQZ


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